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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Not Dead Yet! I feel happy!

Just a quick note to let you know that we are not dead, nor have we fallen off the face of the earth, been eaten by a large whale, or gone on to bigger and better things. We have simply been a bit busy, and thusly have not been podcasting.

As you probably are aware, November was NaNoWriMo, and -- despite the fact that none of us won this year -- we are using that as our excuse for not podcasting during November. As for this month... we simply haven't gotten around to meeting. That's Kat!e's fault (but, then again, it usually is).

Also, the podcast is going through a major revamp. We have great aspirations for it. However, these things take time.

Sigh. Ok, so all we have are a lot of excuses. And excuses all have one thing in common: they're all incredibly lame. We'll work on that. Until then, hopefully you won't mind if we take a little bit longer... the show will eventually go on, it just might take a while.

~The Society of Literacy and Bananas! Association

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Episode 3 -- Ideas

This is Episode 3: Ideas! Kat!e, Cristianna, and Bai join up to talk about how to get ideas and what to do when you have too many ideas ... and basically fail to say anything substantial. They go around in circles a million times, but perhaps they land on something genius -- or not. Either way, it should be entertaining ^_^

We must apologize for the sound quality on this 'cast. All we can do about it is promise to improve in the future. We're still figuring out a lot of our sound equipment and things -- but don't worry, we'll get it. For now, you can enjoy our homey feel.

Look below for show notes, and:

Click here to listen

In This Episode:

We mention that the third Hunger Games book (Mockingjay) recently came out

Bai obsesses over And Then There Were None, mentioning it when we're talking about "the best-written book ever"

Kat!e fangirls over Alcatraz Verses the Shattered Lens (except calls it "the Shattered Glass" by accident...), which comes out December 1 ... "This is part four of [Alcatraz's] story. Otherwise known as 'The part where everything goes wrong, and then Alcatraz has a cheese sandwich.'"

All get excited over Harry Potter 7 movie coming out in November

Bai and Cristianna faun over Draco Malfoy for some reason -- what do you think?

Bai and Kat!e look forward to the Timpanogas Storytelling Festival

Kat!e gets all excited over the chance to see LDS musician Cheri Call

P. G. Wodehouse gets credited as Kat!e's favorite author

Kat!e talks about how Fablehaven two (Rise of the Evening Star) was like a video game -- meaning it as a compliment, since she likes video games

And here's the Brenda Ueland quote, since Kat!e kind of botched it:
"Imagination needs moodling- long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling, and puttering"

Kat!e mentions Sophie Fisher's great methods of getting ideas in Music and Lyrics

All the way through, we all talk about writing prompts, and Kat!e suggests Dragon Writing Prompts specifically

No one else had heard of this commercial Kat!e was talking about:

Kat!e accidentally brings up Doctor Who, and quickly steers the conversation away, since she knew that if she started talking about it this would have turned into a Doctor Who podcast instead of a writing podcast... but, come on, we were talking about a broken time machine! and then Cristianna was talking about hitting it with something -- like a mallet!
Dangit, now this post is turning out to be about Doctor Who! Changing subject...

Speaking of time machines: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Kat!e uses the word convalescent when she meant convoluted

Kat!e mentions Adventures in Babysitting ... which she's never seen

Where do you get ideas? Is there someplace completely random from which you got a brilliant idea? Let us know (at

  • Write a story where a banana is your Main Character
  • Make a list of random ideas, then find a way to combine them
  • Do a writing prompt every day for a week